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Shanghai YZJ Construction (Group)Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. As a private company, YZJ has obtained the “FirstGrade GC Certificate” and offers a wide range of construction products andservices including industrial projects, commercial projects and residentialprojects for native and overseas companies. At the same time, YangzijiangInternational (Singapore) Co., Ltd. has also taken participate into somelandmark buildings and high quality residential gardens in Singapore, whichmakes us a well-known worldwide international company.

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FollowThe international standard,Professional engaged in general contracting construction for twenty years, More than100foreign investment projects implementation experience。

To undertake YZJ construction projects including industrial factory building, research building, commercial office building, hotel, and residential buildings, most of which are contracting, there are a lot of projects is a professional mechanical and electrical installation, decoration and EPC (engineering procurement construction)。

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From time to time we do not provide the latest job vacancies, a commercial real estate brokerage, marketing professionals and information technology experts. We attach great importance to personnel training, to let their talents to make the company forward.

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